Are you a small publisher who’s looking for some reliable ad networks to join?

Your search ends here.

It’s almost impossible to get selected for a premium ad network when you have a website with little traffic.

Most premium ad networks require you to have several thousand monthly pageviews before allowing you to join their platform.

I mean just look at the MediaVine joining requirements!

Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

50,000 monthly page sessions before joining!

That’s impossible to achieve as a new blogger!

That’s not all, Google Adsense seems to be rejecting a record number of applications nowadays.

Not even quality websites are getting selected, but even if they get selected the CPC they earn is too less.

Almost to the point that people are earning pennies nowadays.

If any of these scenarios describe you then don’t be worried!

There are a number of reliable ad programs that are willing to provide you with approval and also give you a decent ad CPM.

I have a list of these ad networks waiting for you down below.

Let’s have a look at them!

Note: The ad networks on this list are extremely reliable and efficient but don’t expect them to provide you with a 40$ CPM. They are alternatives for premium ad networks but I have never claimed that they can provide better CPMs than them.

#1 Propeller Ads – Best Ad network for Popunders

google adsense alternatives for small websites

Propellers ads are the perfect ad network for any beginner blogger.

They don’t require you to meet any traffic requirements before joining the platform.

All you need is an active email address.

Once you signup you can set up the ad network with ease. They have a ton of tutorials on how to integrate ads with user websites.

They also have support for all kinds of CMS platforms, so don’t worry if you’re not using WordPress!

Propeller provides you with one of the best ad CPMs in the industry, you can earn anywhere from $8 – $10 for 1000 views.

One of the biggest advantages of using Propeller ads is that it blocks most ad blockers; thereby preventing you from losing revenue.

They have a minimum payout threshold of $5.

#2 Ezoic – Best for Adsense users

google adsense alternatives for small websites

If your blog is already approved for AdSense and you wish to increase your earnings, I highly suggest you signup for Ezoic.

Ezoic traditionally had a 10,000 monthly page view requirement.

But after the latest updates, they started accepting websites with no traffic.

An average blogger reports seeing an increase of over 3* in their AdSense earnings after using Ezoic.

This ad platform primarily functions as an enhancer for the AdSense program.

As such, they provide users with features like speed optimization, advanced analytics, special ad formats, and much more.

#3 Adnow – Best Native Ads Network

11 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers [With Instant Approval]

Adnow is one of the fastest-growing ad networks in the world.

They currently power more than 160,000 publishers through their platform.

They are known for providing their publishers with fast approvals and payouts.

Adnow is well known for being a native advertisement platform.

Native ads bring in high CPMs for websites with large traffic.

The ad network works with intuitive “ad widgets” that make the process of ad placement extremely easy.

#4 Revenue Hits – Best CPA Network

google adsense alternatives for small websites

Revenue Hits is a popular ad network that works on a CPA(Cost per Action ) basis.

CPA ad platforms are different than conventional

Rather than paying for clicks or impressions, they pay for an action basis.

These actions can be anything from clicking on a random ad to signing up for an account.

Since getting users to do manual actions is more difficult than getting impressions or clicks, CPA networks provide high payments.

You can expect to get paid anywhere from $10-$50 per action.

This ad network provides you instant approval and a minimum payout threshold of 50$.

You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal, Payoneer, or bank transfer

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#5 Infolinks – Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

google adsense alternatives for small websites

Info links is primarily a text-based advertisement platform.

They are a CPC-based advertisement platform that is known to serve highly contextual ads for publisher websites.

This means that all the ads they show will be relevant to your site.

They have a minimum payment threshold of 50$.

You can withdraw the earned money through Paypal, Wire, and ACH transfer.

#6 AdMaven

11 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers [With Instant Approval]

Ad maven is a high-paying ad network founded in 2010.

They provide you with various popunder ad types to monetize your site.

Some ad formats they provide include Interstitials, Banners, Lightboxes, and Pop under.

Unlike the other ad networks on this list, Ad Maven does require you to meet certain quality standards.

You need to have an SEO-friendly website with unique content and at least 2,500 monthly visitors before being selected for the platform.

These quality standards are reflected in their premium ad CPMs.

#7 Bidvertiser

google adsense alternatives for small websites

BidVertiser serves more than 80,000 publishers and advertisers across the world.

The company focuses on native ads, push notifications, pop-unders, slider ads, and XML feeds for both desktop and mobile devices.

Bidvertiser takes their ad safety very seriously, so they require every advertiser to go through a mandatory screening process.

They provide a large emphasis on maximizing revenue across various types of devices.

You can use Bivertiser to monetize various forms of objects; websites, toolbars, and extensions search are all examples of this.

They have a minimum payment threshold of $10 for Paypal, $100 for Check, $500 for Bank Wire

#8 Popup ads

google adsense alternatives for small websites

Pop ads is another ad network that uses pop-unders to monetize your site traffic.

You only need an active email address to signup to the platform

Once you signup you’ll need to provide the details of your site and wait for the approval.

There are no minimum eligibility standards; so as long as you don’t run an illegal site you’re not likely to get rejected.

Popads is one of the ad platforms that even support porn or gambling categories of sites.

Once your site gets approved you will get an ad code that you can place within your site’s header section.

The ads will start appearing and you can view your earnings inside the analytics dashboard.

#9 Ylixx – Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers

11 Best Ad Networks For Small Publishers [With Instant Approval]

Ylixx is an ad network that works best for gambling, casino, and adult websites.

Once you signup and submit your website to the network you can make up to 0.5$ per thousand views.

You don’t need to have any traffic to get selected for the Ylixx program.

They are one of the few ad networks that offer a minimum payout of 1$.

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