A portfolio acts as proof that you’re capable of providing a certain service to your customer. Whether you are a tech professional, engineer, real estate agent, or botanist, having a portfolio website is essential.

With the advent of WordPress building, a beautiful portfolio website has become easier. Anyone with zero technical knowledge and experience can build out a professional and responsive portfolio website for themselves.

This is a list of 13 WordPress portfolio website examples.

If you looking for some inspiration to build your next portfolio site these site examples are perfect. Using these examples you can craft your next portfolio site and advance your career.

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Now let’s check the list of the 13 WordPress portfolio website examples.

13 WordPress portfolio website examples

  1. Rafal Bojar
  2. Maxim Shket
  3. Torgsen Electric
  4. KOBU
  5. Katy Perry
  6. Dana Osborne Design
  7. The Ink Tank
  8. Middle Child
  9. Jordan Crown
  10. Denis Bourgeois
  11. Refrescando Negocios
  12. Websterville Design
  13. Atlantis Design

Rafal Bojar

WordPress portfolio website examples

Rafal Bojar is a photo/videographer with one of the most astounding WordPress portfolio sites in the market. Built by designer Zhenya Rynzhuk Rafal’s site is a perfect mix of WordPress CMS with Vue.js at the front end.

Zhenya Rynzhuk used WordPress to create an engaging portfolio site for Rafal. The homepage displays selected stories and a grid that showcases all of Bojar’s work. There is also an ‘essence” page explaining the photographer’s philosophy and approach.

Torgeson Electric

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

A website for an electric system company can look amazing. Built on the Astra theme the Torgeson Electric portfolio looks amazing. It uses color to guide visitors through its pages in creative and smart ways. The website uses large typography and whitespace as well as occasional animations and transitions to add personality and interest.


13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Portfolio sites continue to be a great place for inspiration and creative expression. The online calling card for Portuguese agency Kobu is a WordPress website that follows the same ethos but with a stylish, refined WordPress website that still has a lot of personalities.

A series of elements gives us a visual reminder of how CSS can be combined with SVG to create a frontend that is rich in character. Absolute positioning can be used to overlay wireframe motifs. It breaks up the lines between bold background colors blocks and links sections together.

Katy Perry

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

To host her official website, Katy Perry, the pop princess, uses WordPress. The site is based on high-spec portfolio photos of Katy Perry, which makes a bold statement. This site is clean and stylish but still has a pop personality. It also features a glossy mag-style interface that makes it easy to navigate. No more busy bands websites with endless animation and too much music. 

Perry’s website shows that you can add a lot of personality to a simple background with easily navigable links. This allows fans to listen, watch, and learn at their own pace.

Dana Osborne Design

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Dana Osborne, an invitation designer, has a beautiful website. It features a light and airy color scheme, lots of whitespace, small graphic details, great photography, and typography that is perfectly tailored to her brand.

Visitors can easily navigate her portfolio, see her past work, and get in touch with her to discuss commissions.

The Ink Tank

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Kao Collins was founded in 1989 as Collins Inkjet. This one-man business supplied ink for Kodak’s continuous inkjet printer. Today, Kao Collins is one of the most prominent suppliers in the world. Kao Collins’ website, The Ink Tank is set to revolutionize how you think about ink.

DBS Interactive built the Ink Tank. This eye-catching WordPress website showcases some of the innovative ways artists and businesses are using ink. It’s a beautiful parallax single pager with animations and effects that takes you from clay tablets to high-speed single-pass printing today and looks ahead to some of the future possibilities of printing.

Middle Child

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

The website needed to reflect the quirky and unpretentious spirit of the award-winning sandwich shop Middle Child in Philadelphia. Full-service technology and design studio Self-Aware took on the challenge and created a website based on a completely custom WordPress theme that used Timber as well as ACF. This combination is what Mike Wagz, studio partner, calls “a game-changer” for serious WordPress theme developers.

Jordan Crown

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Jordan Crown, a WordPress design agency, focuses on small and mid-market clients in the IT and real estate industries.

Their rating is 4.5 stars based on 48 reviews as of the date of writing. Jordan Crown is highly recommended for its detailed advice, professional operations, and subject matter expertise. They also provide excellent customer service, quick communication, and insightful insights. Many clients credit Jordan Crown’s thoroughness in their operations and insights.

Maxim Shkret

Maxim Shkret is a digital artist who is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. His WordPress website is a combination of his portfolio and an e-commerce marketplace. He also launched a new fundraising initiative.

The site’s opening features include four 3D models or digital sculptures, which can be dragged around and rotated 360 degrees. The Gallery section of the site includes sculpture photos that wave and ripple through a watery filter. This subtle effect enhances the texture Shkret wants to impart to each piece.

Denis Bourgeois

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Refrescando Negocios

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Websterville Design

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

Atlantis Design

13 Best WordPress portfolio website examples

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