These are 15 of the highest earning bloggers in india

If you wish to get inspiration for starting a blog, it’s best to look at the stories of successful bloggers from within your own country. When you get to read such stories you’d realize how easy it is to make it big as a blogger from within your own neighborhood.

I come from the majestic country of India, a country that has bore some of the wealthiest and most well-known bloggers in the world.

Since my country has been a breeding ground for some tremendous blogging talent, I wish to showcase some of these people to you. Here are the 15 highest earning bloggers in India.

Amit Aggarwal

Highest Earning Bloggers in India

The man behind the gigantic tech blog “Labnol“, Amit first started his blog working a corporate job. He is probably the most well-known blogger in India as he holds the title of being the first “professional blogger” of the nation.

Amit is definitely one of the most decorated bloggers on the planet, amassing a huge fan following and being featured on sites like India Today, Business World, Outlook Magazine, CNN Go, and even the official Adsense blog.

From Labnol Amit earns more than 60,000$ per month passively.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla started his blog with a chip on his shoulder, born in east Delhi, Ankit (like many other ambitious teenagers) fell into the trap of network marketing. Compelling his friends to join his network as well, Ankit inadvertently ended up making them lose a lot of money.

Long story short, the “friends” ended up hiring goons to threaten Ankit and his family into paying back the money he had brought from them.

Now embarrassed and undignified, Ankit swore to make enough money in his life that problems like this may never trouble him again. From his blog “Master Blogging” Ankit now earns more than 5,000$ per month. His primary source of income is affiliate marketing and e-book sales.

Anil Agarwal

After starting his first blog in 2003 Anil instantly realized he’d be in it for the long haul. One of the numerous Aggrawals who have made it big as bloggers, Anil’s case was a lot similar to some of his similarly named counterparts.

After working a corporate job for 10 years Anil finally decided to call it quits and do something more fulfilling. His blog the “Bloggers Passion” now earns 10,000 dollars per month from affiliate marketing.

Kulwant Nagi

Haryana-based Kulwant Nagi is the founder of Blogging Cage and Affiliate Booster. After completing his diploma in Electronics and Communication, Kulwant started to study in order to crack the clearance to a college in the US.

Even after cracking the exam, Kulwant wasn’t able to study at the university because his family was unable to take on the hefty expenses required to study at a foreign university. Gloomed up, Kulwant decided to leave his home and use his wits to make big on other things.

Being an internet nerd, Kulwant eventually came across the concept of blogging and ended up making his own blog in 2012, now Bloggingcage is one of the biggest blogs in the country.

Akshay Hallur

Akshay Hallur the founder of “blogging x” garnered praise from around the world with his amazing writing and SEO expertise. Through his blog, Akshay helps beginner bloggers and agency owners establish online businesses in a profitable manner.

He also runs a digital B2B marketing agency called “Infospark” through which he helps companies improve their online presence and bring more revenue.

Rippon Sahaji

The youtube sensation Rippon Sahaji, popularly known as “Technical Rippon”, is well known for hosting a plethora of money-making blogs. Each of which combined earns him more than 10,000$ per month.

Rippon first started a blog in a bid to prove a point to his parents, after he managed to successfully earn about 15,000 rupees from his first Adsense payout, Rippon happily boast to his parents about his “achievement”, his parents (who didn’t know how internet working) feared that he had scammed someone outta money.

It was not until Rippon started earning money regularly that his parents ever recognize their son’s true potential.

Sayan Neogie

Sayan Neogie runs “Prosmatrepreneur”, a blog that helps other people start a blog of their own.

The concept of helping people start blogs will become a common theme from now on. Apparently encouraging other people to start blogs of their own is a profitable niche in itself.

Most of Sayan’s earnings come from the Bluehost affiliate program and Mediavine ad program. He flaunts his earnings elegantly within his monthly income reports.

Sayan supposedly makes an average of 5 to 6,000 dollars per month through his blog.

Harsh Agrawal

Next on the list is the man, the myth himself “Harsh Agrawal”, he runs the popular blog “Shout Me Loud’ where he hosts over 1.5 million monthly readers.

Harsh earns over 60,000$ per month through his blog.

On his site’s about page Harsh states that he brought the domain name Shout Me loud after borrowing his friend’s credit card. What started as a fun project ended up becoming one of the biggest blogs on the internet today.

Shradha Sharma

The first female entry on our list, Shradha runs one of the highest-earning blogs in the country. Her blog “Your Story” mainly covers startup stories from around the world.

During her ten years running You Story, Shradha has interviewed some amazing entrepreneurs like Ratan Tata, Vani Kola, and Mohandas Pai.

Having graduated from the world-renowned college St Stephens, Shradha can be best described as a linguistic intellectual. Her absolute command of the English language is visible in her remarkable blog posts.

Ashish Sinha

Akshay sinha is the founder of “Next big what” a blog dedicated towards tech. The site was previously known as “”. Ashish is an incredibly intelligent and educated human being, having acheived post graudation degrees in both the IIT and IIM fields.

Having bagged a high payng job in Yahoo, Ashish had a knif for somethng amazing, which led him to create his blog. A blog that is one of the biggest of it’s kind.

Pritam Nagrale

The founder of “Sure Job” Pritam first started blogging back in 2009. He completed his college from an engineering college in Nagpur.

Along with Sure Job he also runs a blog called “Money Connexion” within which he talks about saving and making money.

Pardeep Goyal

Pardeep Goyal was “living the dream” working a high paying engineering job in the US. Until something clicked and Pardeep started feeling extremely dissatisfied with his job.

He thought that his job lacked meaning.

Pardeep decided that he’d be better off if he could save enough money, go back to his country and start a business. And the result of his efforts was the blog “Cashoverflow”

In 2017, CashOverflow won the Best Blogging Award from Indiblogger.

Prabhu Desai

Prabhu Desai launched in 2007, like many other people on the list, Prabhu himself left a lucrative job within IT consutling.

Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui is the founder of MouthShut, which technically isn’t a blog (rather a consumer research portal)

Varun Krishnan

Final Thoughts

Running a successful blog is surely no cakewalk, it requires tremendous amounts of determination and insight. Not everyone is capable of such feats, but the select few who are, experience the taste of true financial freedom!

If you are looking to start a blog of your own there are a thousand things you should learn beforehand, Luckily there’s a course that helps you gauge how

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