MailChimp is a well-known email marketing software that has been around for over 20 years and it’s still going strong. It offers the basic features like sending emails, managing subscribers, creating campaigns, etc. However, there are many other apps available that offer more advanced features than what MailChimp does.

There are in fact dozens of different e-mail marketing services that compete with Mailchimp for the top spot. And some of these outshine Mailchimp over certain facets of mail marketing.

So if your looking for some extremely niche features there might probably be some alternatives out there that will better suit your needs.

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022

When you’re choosing an email marketing tool for your business, you need to take into account more factors than the price.

Sure, Mailchimp looks great, and most of its customers can testify to its credibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option for any business.

There are plenty of Mailchimp alternatives that could replace the software and provide you with better features.

That’s why today I have brought a list of the top 20 Mailchimp competitors, most of these offer better pricing plans and features than Mailchimp.

Let’s check them out.

1. Omnisend

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Omnisend happens to be the best-rated E-mail marketing app within the Shopify store. It is a multi-channel marketing automation platform that lets you create targeted campaigns with both email and SMS.

You can easily add automated email campaigns and prompt customers to make purchases. The app features all of your overview data such as sales reports, conversions, and email clicks in a systematic fashion.

You can sign-up for Omnisend email marketing and get an exclusive 14-day free trial if you sign-up from the link down.

2. SendinBlue

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Sendinblue is yet another powerful email marketing and SMS marketing service for online businesses.

It’s packed with the powerful functionality to create email newsletters, email marketing automation, SMS campaigns, landing pages, Facebook ads, and even a live chat.

They have a powerful personalized email marketing automation solution that allows you to send unlimited emails to a targeted audience.

Some of the other features include an easy-to-use email builder and autoresponders.

If you need to send a high volume of emails, moving from Mailchimp to Sendinblue will generate serious savings.

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3. GetResponse

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Getresponse is an extremely popular email marketing tool, it has some niche features like an email sequence builder and revenue tracking.

This app helps you create fantastic email content in just a few clicks. The engaging email contents help you to transform the anonymous connections into engaged customers.

Overall this app is a very affordable and intuitive email solution for small businesses. Let’s look into some of the exciting features of this app:

4. Moosend

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Moosend is almost 30 percent cheaper than Mailchimp, and hence it is the best Mailchimp Alternative. If you have less than a thousand subscribers, you can use this app for free while the paid plan starts from 10$ dollars a month.

The landing page builder helps you to create email squeeze pages easily. You can increase your open and click-through rate with the list segmentation option

5. ConvertKit

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

ConvertKit offers advanced automation features with an intuitive drag and drops email sequence builder, so you can send automated emails based on user behavior.

Their advanced segmentation feature allows you to further segment your contacts with tags based on how they interact with your emails.

They also offer a drag & drop landing page builder with beautiful landing page templates and customizable opt-in forms to grow your email list.

ConvertKit integrates with many popular third-party CMS software including other lead generation tools like OptinMonster, Optinmonk, and Convertful.

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6. Aweber

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

AWeber is another great email marketing solution that connects users and accelerates business growth.

It comes with an impressive set of features like automated blog newsletter emails, beautiful email templates for HTML newsletters, smart unsubscribe management, email analytics, list segmentation, and automation tools.

7. Drip

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Drip is one of the best email software for eCommerce sites. It features multi-channel marketing points to reach customers via emails and SMS text messages.

Their specialty is to allow you to store and manage users based on their interactions on your website. Furthermore, their automation workflow builder helps you automate the process of reaching out to customers based on their behavior during the buying journey.

With advanced personalization, you can use the clients’ data to create custom discount codes, product recommendations, price-drop notifications, and more

8. Mailerlite

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

With Mailerlite you can build landing pages, popups, or embedded signup forms to capture leads. They offer tons of customization options and templates to help you market.

The tool is beginner-friendly with a ton of pre-made email templates and libraries. It comes with powerful email automation, segmentation, and personalization features that allow you to target the right users at the right time.

9. Mail Jet

MailJet is a powerful email marketing solution for WordPress users. It offers an email API to build transactional emails into your web or mobile app.

This feature will allow your app to send milestone emails, upgrade confirmations, invoice notices, and much more. The application also has an in-built SMTP system that improves email deliverability and open rate.

11. Mail Poet

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

MailPoet is a WordPress-based email marketing platform. It integrates seamlessly with the native woocommerce plugin as well as many other WordPress configurations. You can easily include signup forms in posts, pages, or even widgets.

You can easily create signup forms, landing pages, and slide-ins and then send automated emails to the signed-in visitors.

This plugin also integrates with a ton of other email marketing tools, namely Mailchimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact, and SendinBlue.

10. Constant Contact

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Constant Contact provides you with all the essential features such as the ability to manage email lists, track email deliverability, and open rates. Their beautiful reports show you how your email marketing campaigns are performing.

Constant Contact has basic email automation features that let you send welcome messages to new subscribers, trigger emails based on user behavior, and resend emails to non-openers automatically.

Their email marketing tool also makes it easy to do a/b testing, so you can see how your subject lines are performing for further optimization.

12. Campaign Monitor

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Campaign Monitor offers two separate email marketing platforms, one designed specifically for eCommerce shops and one for other businesses.

Its eCommerce product, CM Commerce (formerly known as “Conversio“), offers native integrations with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify, smart customer segmentation, and premade customer journey automation templates, and more.

13. Keap

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

InfusionSoft rebranded itself to Keap in 2019, as part of a move to diversify its target market, and split its main offering into a few different plans.

The foundation is still a robust sales CRM with task management, pipeline automation, and other advanced features.

14. Sender

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Sender is a more straightforward email marketing tool with an easy-to-use interface and more SMB-friendly features.

Because of this, it offers very competitive prices for its monthly and pay-as-you-go plans, establishing itself as one of the most affordable Mailchimp competitors in the market.

15. Sendpulse

15 best Mailchimp competitors in 2022: Which one to use?

Sendpulse is another multi-channel platform that includes email, push notifications, chatbots, and SMS. One issue is that there are no comprehensive multi-channel plans, so you have to evaluate the plan for each channel against competitors individually.

The main focus of our comparison will be analyzing their email service, in particular.

Mailchimp competitors: Conclusion

So that’s it for our list of the top 15 Mailchimp competitors. Hope you liked it.

So what’s the best email marketing competitor for Mailchimp?

According to us, it is Omnisend as it is one of the best-rated software in the market and it works well for both email and SMS marketing.

What’s your preferred email marketing software? Tell us in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, when you purchase any product or service through these links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read full disclosure here

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