Do you want to build quality backlinks to your website?

Backlinks are the very foundation of the web and building clean-contextual backlinks is a surefire way to boost search rankings.

But building backlinks isn’t an easy task.

That’s why many tools have been created that make the process of building backlinks easier.

This list has a bunch of free tools that will help you build organic links to your website.

Let’s individually have a look at them and find out why they are so useful:

Best Free Link Building Tools:

  1. Semrush backlink checer
  2. Rank Math
  3. Ubersuggest
  4. Majestic
  5. Check my links
  7. Buzzsumo


Sometimes removing your bad backlinks is more important than creating new links altogether.

If you have a high number of low-quality backlinks that could negatively affect your performance on search.

Majestic is a powerful backlink analyzer that helps you analyze how trustful your site’s backlink profile is.

It shares some extremely handy information that lets you analyze and deduce the quality of links pointing to your site.

Some of the unique features of this tool are “Trust Flow” and “Citation Flow” metrics.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Trust flow helps you analyze the trustfulness and relevancy of the sites that link to your website.

While Citation flow denotes the actual number of websites that have linked to your site in a particular time frame.

In order to achieve optimum trust and relevance, it is important to achieve the correct Trust flow to Citation flow “ratio”.

Though there is no record as to what is a perfect trust flow to Citation flow ratio, typically, a Trust Flow score of 50 and higher is considered great, a score of 11 to 49 is considered average, and a score of 10 or lower is considered poor.

There’s also another feature called the noise reduction feature which helps you distinguish duplicate backlinks from the same domains. This helps you identify and remove backlinks multiple backlinks from the same sites.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

As you can see in the above example, the actual number of links pointing to the site (1,724,626) is not the same as the links left after noise reduction.

This proves that the site above has a high number of backlinks from the same sites.

You can get up to 10 searches a day on the free plan while using the Majestic tool.


7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

The next tool on the list is Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo is a peculiar entry on this list because it neither helps you with manual outreach nor does it help you with SEO.

The advantage of using Buzz sumo is that it lets you deduce the type of content that works well on social media platforms.

Once you pass a keyword into Buzzsumo, the tool comes up with related content pieces that generate the most engagement on social media.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

You can use these content pieces as inspiration to craft content that actually has the capability to go viral on the internet.

Additionally, Buzzsumo helps you find out the best influencers related to your niche from various social media platforms.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Lastly, Buzzsumo helps you research trendy videos on Youtube, so it comes in handy for people who are looking to grow their Youtube channel.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Buzzsunmo lets you use their websites 3 times a day within their free plan.

Semrush backlink checker

An important part of manual link-building is identifying your original backlink profile and planning out your link-building strategy accordingly.

With Semrush backlink analyzer, you can do just that.

Semrush lets you analyze the backlink profile of your website in detail.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Semrush backlink checker displays more relevant information about a website’s backlink profile than any other free tool in the market.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Some of the basic data that it provides include:

  • The exact number of backlinks that link to your site
  • The exact number of unique domains that link to your site
  • The amount of monthly organic visitors you get
  • Your estimated domain authority score
  • The number of keywords you rank for

There are also multiple charts and pictorial elements that represent your progress. You can use this tool to track your progress in your manual link-building endeavor.

Semrush is available 10 times per day on the free plan and it normally costs upward of 100$ per month regularly.

But you can get it for just 0.5$ per month from Tools Ninja

Tools Ninja

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

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Have you ever come across the perfect website to do outreach to but been unable to find a contact email?

Often finding the email ids for bloggers becomes difficult as bloggers tend to mask their personal email ids from the web.

Here’s where comes into the picture.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022] helps you uncover the emails of anyone who’s running a website.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

But the tool also has its fair share of limitations.

For example, might not return the email ids for many prospective websites. Here are some reasons for this according to the company.

Additionally, only permits 25 email searches a month on the free plan. So you need to be extremely conservative with your searches in case you happen to be a free user.

Either way, turns out to be an incredibly useful tool for email outreach.

Rank Math

Since pages on the internet are constantly edited and altered, broken pages are often created. And it is natural that some of these pages have backlinks pointing to them.

Rank Math Review

If you have a number of backlinks pointing to a broken page within your site, you might want to redirect those pages to a suitable replacement.

The Rank Math plugin helps you do just that!

With Rank Math’s 404 Monitor, you can easily identify broken pages and redirect them to a replacement.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Simply install the Rank Math plugin, enable the 404 monitors and navigate to Rank Math > 404 monitors.

Once inside you’ll see a full list of these 404 pages that are getting traffic from external resources.

You can then easily redirect these pages to a replacement from inside the redirections dashboard.


You might already know that getting backlinks from the same website isn’t as valuable as getting them from a unique site.

So it becomes important to identify sites that already link and avoid building more links from them.

Free Link Building Tools

Here’s where Ubersuggest comes into play.

One of the most unique link-building features that Ubersuggest provides is called the “backlink opportunity” feature.

This feature helps you determine the number of unique domains that link to your competitor’s domain without linking to you.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Using this you can plan out your exact outreach strategy.

Simply navigate to Ubersuggest > Go to backlink opportunity > And Type in your own URL with the competitor URL.

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

This would give you a full list of these links.

Which you can pop into the tool, find out email ids and start requesting guest posts or interlinking.

Yet another handy feature that Ubersuggest provides is the “Top pages” feature that lets you analyze your top-performing content.

You can then create internal links to these pages in a bid to give them a rankings boost.

Check my links

7 Free Link Building Tools to Build Backlinks [2022]

Check my links is a free chrome extension that lets you check whether a certain webpage contains broken links or not.

This tool works especially well for anyone who wants to employ the broken link-building strategy. Which involves identifying links from broken websites and creating similar content to outreach and build backlinks.

This is one of the oldest white hat backlink techniques which has brought significant results for bloggers across the world.

To use Check My links simply add it to your list of chrome extensions, navigate to any page on the internet and simply click on the extension.

This would reveal the status of each underlying link within the page.

Check my link uses colors to denote these statuses Green represents healthy links, light green represents redirecting links and red represents invalid or 404 links.


This was a list of some of the best free-link-building tools in the market.

Hope this list was helpful in providing you insight into what kind of tools you can use for free to help with your link-building endeavors.

Are there any wonderful free link building tools that we have missed out on?

Comment down below!

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