Here is a list of the 7 best Mangools alternatives

Mangools is an amazing SEO tool that can be used to research keywords, analyze backlinks and optimize your content. It is one of the cheapest SEO software available in the market and can be used in conjunction with multiple other SEO tools.

Despite this the tool does have its fair share of shortcomings; for example, their Backlink analyzer is much less refined and accurate as compared to tools like Semrush or Aherfs. This makes analysis data from Mangools extremely unreliable.

Also, the KW finder isn’t as reliable either, along with that the tool also lacks a large number of features and capabilities that can be found in most of its competitors.

Considering all these facts there might be other alternatives that are better suited for your business needs. Here are the 7 best Mangools alternatives in the market today:

  • Semrush
  • Moz
  • Aherfs
  • Ubersuggest
  • Growth Bar
  • Jaxxy
  • Get Keywords

#1 Semrush

7 best Mangools alternatives: What is a better SEO tool? [2022]

When it comes to features there’s no other tool that outcompetes Semrush.

This tool is probably the most feature-intensive SEO software in the market today. It has a suite of powerful features to help you optimize and scale your content for organic traffic.

Some of the key features of this tool include; a powerful keyword suggestion tool that provides you with keyword suggestions from a database of over 21 billion keywords, a vast and reliable link index that has over a trillion links, and several amazing tools to audit your site.

Semrush is best used for analyzing competitors. Once you put in a competitor within the Semrush Organic Insights tool you can see many relevant details like the keywords they rank for, the total number of organic traffic they receive, the intent behind their keywords, and much much more.


  • Pro – $119/month
  • Guru – $229/month
  • Business – $449/month


7 best Mangools alternatives: What is a better SEO tool? [2022]

Second, on the list is Aherfs, it is widely regarded as the best SEO tool in the market today.

This tool features the biggest link index in the market (only second to Google) hence it is the most accurate tool for analyzing the backlink index of a website.

A rather notable feature within Aherfs is of course their Keyword explorer tool; other than basic information like keyword difficulty or search volume Aherfs also show you metrics like clicks (average clicks received by site ranking #1 for this term), CPC(Average Cost per click for ranking on this term), and RR(Return rate of a searcher within the next 30 days)

Their Site Explorer provides you with all the basic information like your site’s Organic traffic, DA, DR, referring domains, and performance across the time.


  • Pro – $99/month
  • Guru – $199/month
  • Business – $399/month
  • Enterprise – $999/month


7 best Mangools alternatives: What is a better SEO tool? [2022]

Moz is and will remain one of the best SEO tools for keyword research. Their keyword suggestions tool provides relevant keyword suggestions for a specific topic. This makes finding keyword topics much easier.

Though the tool itself doesn’t provide many data points like position history or CPC value, this is a positive as it’s less overwhelming for a new user. You can see basic info like a keywords monthly volume, difficulty, and organic clickthrough rate

You can also use this tool for some limited competitors’ research. Though their link index isn’t as broad and accurate as Moz or Aherfs they still have a decently reliable database as compared to Mangools.


  • Standard: 99/month
  • Medium: 179/month
  • Large: 299/month
  • Premium: 599/month

Growth Bar

best Mangools alternatives

Growth bar is another affordable yet powerful SEO tool that can be used as a replacement for Mangools.

Though it’s much less feature intensive compared to the entries on this list; the features it does provide more than makeup for a low monthly fee of 29$.

Firstly it features a keyword research tool that helps you find the search volume and keyword difficulty for keywords.


Free Link Building Tools

Created by Neil Patel, Ubersuggest is one of the few SEO tools that offer a lifetime subscription to its customers. If you want a simple yet powerful keyword research solution Ubersuggest is surely the tool to go for.

They have a very basic keyword tool that provides all the necessary features like keyword difficulty, CPC, and competition level. The tool lets you check the backlink index of a site through the link list is never complete and you can find more backlinks on tools like Semrush.

You can type in a competitor’s website and gauge their 3 top-performing content.

You get up to 3 free searches daily on this tool.


  • Basic – 12$/month
  • Lifetime – 120$


7 best Mangools alternatives: What is a better SEO tool? [2022]

Jaxxy is a plain and simple keyword research tool. You can find all your basic keyword-related data points such as search volume and keyword difficulty. One unique feature is the QSR meter which denotes the exact number of sites that are targeting that particular keyword.


  • PRO – 49$/month
  • Enterprise – 99$/month

Get Keywords

7 best Mangools alternatives: What is a better SEO tool? [2022]

Featured multiple times on the product hunt Get Keyword is best for finding out local keywords. It narrows down your keyword research results to the country, state/province, or even city level.


Paid plans start at 24$ per month

Final Thoughts

There are several keyword research tools in the market today but not all of them are up to the mark when it comes to features like keyword research and competitor analysis. Mangools


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