Are you a new blogger who wishes to earn some money?

You must be aware that there are indeed multiple ways to make money from your blog.

As someone who has been in the digital marketing niche for more than 5 years, I am aware that there are multiple ways to earn money as a blogger.

Hence today I’d like to share some of these methods with you.

I’ve researched all of these methods and even used some of them to earn money myself. So I can testify to their legitimacy.

These are 7 proven ways you can use to earn money from your blog. Let’s have a look that each of them:

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With that outta that the way, let’s get started:

7 ways to earn money from your blog

1.) Ad monetization:

Placing advertisements on your blog is a quick and easy method to monetize your content and generate an income, in fact, it is the most basic stream of income that bloggers receive.

There are a number of different advertisement companies that help you place ads within your blogs, one of them is Google Adsense, which pays you around $0.20 to $15 per thousand views. (Depends on your niche)

You can easily integrate your blog with Google Adsense and receive ad income from your blog posts.

Other than Adsense there are also many other advertisement platforms that let you display ads on your website.

If you wish to know more head over to my article “20 Best Google AdSense alternatives in 2021” in which I have detailed 20 Ad websites that pay more than AdSense.

2.) Affiliate marketing :

7 proven ways to earn money from your blog

Affiliate marketing is yet another popular method to earn money with your blog. It is a business model that allows you to make money via promoting third-party products.

As of 2021, almost 75% of content creators use affiliate marketing to monetize their content and almost 60% of all blogger income is driven by affiliate sales. So you can see that affiliate marketing is an integral part

Some affiliate programs pay you a fixed commission whereas some pay you a percent of the total cart value purchased.

The type of affiliate products that you promote will differ across niche types but here’s a list of 100 different affiliate products that you can promote in your blog posts.

3.) Sell digital products

7 proven ways to earn money from your blog

You can sell premade digital products like Photos, illustrations, Fonts, Gifs, Templates, etc through your blog.

If you use WordPress then you can install the Easy digital downloads plugin to create a digital product marketplace inside your blog. You can then activate payment gateways and receive money from Paypal, Razorpay, Stripe, and many other payment providers.

You will find a detailed guide on how to do the same from over here.

Also, check out digital product marketplaces like Etsy or CreativeMarket to

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4.) Sponsored posts:

Sponsored posts are a lot like guest posts, with the difference being that instead of writing on somebody else’s website, you usually write them on your own site.

Sponsored posts include product reviews, recommendations, comparisons, and literary advertisements. You can expect to be paid anywhere from around 1000 to 5000 dollars per sponsored post you write.

Since sponsored posts are hard to come by, they cannot be labeled as a primary source of income, yet they are a viable income source for many bloggers.

5.) Backlink sale:

7 proven ways to earn money from your blog

A backlink is a link that links one website to another. Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to rank higher in google search ranking, in fact, Google has confirmed that backlinks remain one of their three most important search engine ranking factors.

Receiving backlinks from a high authority website is a surefire way to boost the authority and rankings of your own website.

Since backlinks are such an important part of SEO they are now sold as commercial goods online. A backlink from a high domain authority website sells at an average of 350-500 dollars on An expert blogger once claimed to make over 450,000 dollars per year just by selling backlinks through his website!

Additionally, not all backlinks are created equal, factors such as the domain authority of the site you’ve linked to, the placement of the backlink, the relevance of the website to your own industry, and the type of backlink in question are all important to consider.

6.) Self-promotion

You can integrate a blog into your company website and generate more leads for your business.

Business organizations and professionals often cultivate a blog in order to advertise their products or services.

A blog is an excellent way to harness a ton of free and concentrated traffic within your niche. A number of companies try this method to gain more customers and earn a bit more income on the side.

An excellent example of this is Moz, which is a website audit tool company. They run a blog that earns more than 44 million USD per year, this blog also helps convert thousands of visitors into paying customers.

7.) Guest-posting:

In many situations, personal blogs act as a sort of portfolio for your writing skills. Finding work as a writing professional becomes much easier when you have a blog by your name.

So oftentimes companies, as well as other bloggers, will invite you to write or publish a “Guest Post” on their websites.

Guest posting as the word suggests is inviting 3rd party blogger or writer to write a blog on your website in return for proper compensation.

Guest posting can fetch expert writers anywhere from 100 to 2,000 dollars for a 1000 word article. So it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that you can make a living from this.

Additionally, you can also get a high-quality backlink from the site you are guest-posting on. Which could drastically improve your site’s Google ranking.

Guest posting and blogger outreach are some of the most popular white-hat SEO strategies in the market.


Earning money through your blog is not a pipe dream. Through enough dedication and effort, it is possible to earn a living through your blog, just don’t forget to stay consistent.

If you want to start a blog and earn money then check out our step-by-step guide on how to do the same.

Through this post of mine, I hope have successfully conveyed methods through which you can earn money from your blog.

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