Holla Amigos, my name is Phil Joseph and I am blogger from Delhi.

This is my blog, the “Offbeat Freelancer”, here I share some tips to earn money in uncanny ways on the internet.

In 2019 I was first introduced to a wonderful platform called “WordPress”, I would use this platform over the course of the next few months to earn my first dollar on the internet.

As a 17 year old who had never earned a penny in his life, this had truly became a life changing experience.

My money making exploits did not stop there. First I made my first dollar, then my first 100 dollars and now have crossed more than 2,000 dollars in revenue over the course of the last few months.

After making decent progress as freelancer I thought to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if I get to share my freelancing skill with other people?”

This was the time when the populairty of side hustles was at it’s peak, and like many people on the internet I too was bit by the blogging bug.

And thus “Offbeat Freelancer” was born

Through this blog, I wish to share the experiences as a freelancer, my insights into the freelancing industry and some truly unconventional ways to make money on the magical land that is internet.

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