Today I’ll elaborate on which is the best Fiverr gig image size 2022.

Gig images are the foundation of any Fiverr gig, it is the first thing the customer sees when they come across a freelancer’s profile.  And, having a proper gig image is an absolute necessity. 

A proper gig image helps you get more sales and clicks, it also helps you rank more efficiently within the fiver algorithm. 

Today we’ll be elaborating a few tips and strategies to get the maximum benefit out of your gig image. Along with this, we’ll also be sharing the best size for a Fiverr gig image.

Why are Fiverr gig images important?

When you sell your services on Fiverr, you compete with hundreds of other freelancers on the platform, so you have to learn how to stand out.

And the easiest way to stand out is to have an eye-catching gig image.

A gig image is the first thing that a buyer sees when they come across your profile, hence it needs to be as attention-seeking as possible. Gig images might even play an important role in determining your rank on the Fiverr gig page.

If your gig has a high click-through rate it has a higher likelihood of getting more orders and being placed on the first page of Fiverr.

Having worked on Fiverr for almost 3 years now, I can assure you that the appearance of your gig image is the most important thing (aside from your review rating. )

If your gigs get a lot of impressions yet no clicks your gig image might be to blame.

What is the best Fiverr gig image size/resolution?

There’s a lot of confusion regarding what is the best size for Fiverr gig images.

Some people believe that the Fiverr recommended size of 560 x 280 is the best while others believe that 1280 x 780 is the best.

Many sellers think that not having the optimum-sized images within their gallery is affecting their performance on search.

But Fiverr has some clear guidelines regarding the size and resolution of a gig.

When you upload an image on the Fiverr gallery, you can clearly see that the minimum size Fiverr recommends for gig images is 550 pixels by 370 pixels.

Best Size For Fiverr Gig Image

Also, within the Fiverr help forum, they state that the recommended image size for a gig should be at least 1280 x 769 px, with a minimum of 712 x 430 and a maximum of 4000 x 2416 px.

So it’s safe to assume that the Fiverr recommended value of 1280 x 769 is the best Fiverr gig image resolution.

Additionally, the uploaded image should not be more than 5 Mb in size.

How do I create a Fiverr gig image?

There are multiple online tools that can help you create a Fiverr gig image. The best one is a free online graphic design tool called Canva.

You can use Canva to create image designs in any size or resolution.

Canva also has hundreds of free stock elements that you can add to your gig image in order to enhance its look and feel. There are also hundreds of free templates that you can choose and base your design on.

If you lack the creative imagination needed to create an eye-catching gig image, you can hire a freelancer to create one for you:

Here are some trusted sellers on Fiverr that will help create a beautiful gig image for your profile:

Where can you acquire high-resolution images for free for your Gig?

If Canva images are not enough, there are also tons of other stock image websites where you can acquire high-resolution images for absolutely free. You can base your gig image design according to these images.

Some of the best free stock images websites are:

Other tools to create Fiverr gig images:

Some of the other free tools you can use to create awesome Fiverr gig images include:

  • Vistacreate: Formely known as “Crello” Vistacreate is a poweful online application to create awesome Fiverr images on the go!
  • Snappa: Simple and easy to use software with a quick learning curve and capability to create complex designs
  • Picmaker: has thousands of ready made templates to create awesome designs fast and easy

Fiverr Gig Image Best practices:

Now that you’ve found out what’s the best image size for Fiverr gigs, here are some additional tips that you need to follow to best optimize your gig:

  • Avoid adding too much text on your images Fiverr can see this and reduce your rankings
  • Use bold and clearly visible fonts so that your image is readable
  • Use videos on your gig as they get over 40% more engagement than images
  • Use PNG format images for maximum image clarity and resolution
  • Avoid objectionable content (use PG-oriented, non-violent, non-gory images)
  • Follow community guidelines and avoid racial slurs and other forms of hate speech


Getting eyeballs to your gig profile isn’t really an easy task. Especially since you compete with at least 1,000 sellers like yourself. But optimizing your gig image is a surefire method of boosting your gig clicks and sales.

With this post, I hope we have provided you with enough insight into what goes into creating a successful gig image.

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