The first step toward learning how to code is choosing a language to learn.

There are literally 100s of programming languages out there, each with its own sets of pros and cons, hence choosing one to learn can seem like a daunting task.

But according to me if you’re a newbie programmer you should look forward to learning only the most in-demand freelance skills.

The reason for this is simple.

So that you don’t suffer a shortage of work as a freelancer.

But how to determine which languages are the best for freelancing?

In this post, we have listed some of the best freelance programming languages in the world.

In case you’re a newbie programmer who’s in the process of learning how to code, I suggest you pick up these languages in order to receive more gig work in the future.

Best Freelance programming languages:

  1. Python
  2. Javascript
  3. C++
  4. PHP
  5. MY SQL
  6. Dart
  7. HTML
  8. Java
  9. C#
  10. Kotlin
  11. Swift
  12. Ruby
  13. R
  14. Liquid
  15. Rust


Python is the most popular programming language in the world.

It is arguably the one programming language that has the most practical applications. You can use python for web development. game development, app development, machine learning, and a ton of different things.

Python is also the foundational language for many data science and machine learning algorithms.

Many experienced programmers recommend first-time programmers to learn Python, as it is one of the easiest languages to pick up.

Yet Python programmers are highly sought after and make up some of the highest earners in the programming community.

Earnings potential: A Python developer can make in the excess of a 100,000$ a year. The industry average hourly pay is 50$.

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Most businesses are now realizing the importance of the internet hence demand for freelance javascript developers is at an all-time high.

Javascript is one of the most essential aspects of front-end development. It also is an object-oriented programming language like Python

React (a framework of javascript) is used to build beautiful user interfaces and is in high demand these days.

Earnings potential: According to Glassdoor, an average Javascript developer gets paid almost 70-80,000$ a year in the US.


C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

It is a complex programming language used mainly for building computer applications and games.

C++ is significantly faster than most of its alternatives hence companies prefer C++ developers for more complex application projects.

According to Codeacamdemy, C++ can manipulate the very hardware that it runs on hence it fine-tunes efficiently for any environment.

This makes it an ideal language for many large application projects.

Earnings potential: C++ developers make a lot of money as well, some of them can even earn in the excess of 100,000$ a year.

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C# is a general-purpose programming language derived from languages like C++ and C. It is the ideal language for game development and integrates seamlessly with C#.

Unity the most popular game engine in the world integrates seamlessly with C#.

Since the demand for indie game development is at an all-time high, it would be a good idea to learn C# if you’re looking to gain freelance work.

Earnings potential: C# developers make almost 90,000$ in a year.


Php is primarily used for backend web development.

It is one of the main components of WordPress themes and plugins.

As a freelance programmer specializing in PHP, you can expect your primary customer base to be WordPress users looking for custom theme and plugin development.

Specializing in PHP will also provide you the knowledge to fix any errors that may occur in the backend of a WordPress site.

Earnings potential: As a PHP developer, you can make over 70,000$ a year


My SQL (not to be confused with SQL) is one of the best client-server languages in the world.

This language is used to instruct a server on how to interact with a particular data set. My SQL databases are used in a number of CMS applications, the most popular of which is WordPress.

SQL is also used in the field of data science fro the purposes of storing and sorting data.

Earnings potential: As My SQL developer, you’ll earn anywhere from 70-80,000$ a year.


App development is currently the most in-demand programming service of them all. And a majority of apps nowadays are built through Flutter which happens to be a framework of the Dart programming language.

The syntax for Dart is extremely similar to javascript with a tint of Java added into the mixture. So in case, you know Javascript you’d have no trouble picking up Dart.

Earning Potential: An average app project on flutter can get you almost 250$ on Fiverr.


HTML isn’t really a programming language.

It instead is a scripting language that helps build the structure and composition of websites.

It is the most fundamental building block of the internet.

Learning HTML isn’t really difficult, and learning only HTML won’t land you a high-paying gig.

But without HTML no web developer can ever build websites, hence HTML is one of the most essential parts of a web dev’s ever-growing list of tools.

Earning Potential: Web developers can earn 50-70,000$ a year. But HTML is not enough to become a web developer you should learn of a plethora of other technologies to land a gig.


Kotlin is a programming language that’s primarily used for android development.

It was designed as a Java virtual machine that can run side by side with Java.

Yet it is a much better option for cross-platform application development as compared to Java.

Even though Kotlin started out as an Andriod development language it has numerous applications in backend web development, full-stack development, and data science.

Earning Potential: Kotlin developers earn a median salary of 127,000 according to Ziprecruiter


Swift is primarily used for developing ios applications.

After its release in 2014, it quickly bypassed Objective C as the most popular Apple programming language in the world.

Swift was created with performance in mind, As stated by Apple, Swift is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python.

It is also named the 20th most popular programming language in the world.

Earning Potential: IOS developers based on Swift can easily make 100,000$ per year in the US.


Ruby is another powerful object-oriented programming language.

It is used for a multitude of things like web scraping, Dev Ops, data processing, and command-line automation.

Ruby is a contender for being the most flexible programming language in the world. It’s so insanely flexible that you can actually make changes to the language itself.

Earning Potential: A ruby developer can makeover 90,000$ a year in the US


The R programming language is used to run complex statistical and algorithmic operations. The language finds its primary applications in the field of data science.

While you can also run statistical operations in Python, R is much more oriented and has better features for this purpose.

Earning Potential: R developers are usually called data scientists and they make almost 120,000$ a year easily. Data scientists are probably the highest-paid programmers in the world right now.


Liquid is the default programming language of all Shopify store assets. This scripting language is paired with other front-end technologies to build Shopify themes and sections.

Since Shopify has skyrocketed in popularity, Liquid has become an in-demand programming language that is worth learning.

Earning Potential: Not much data is available about the salary of liquid developers. But based on a few indeed job openings the average pay seems to be 85,000$ a year.


Rust is defined to be an open-source programming language. It was created by Mozilla in 2010.

The syntax for Rust is similar to C++

Rust is used to create a plethora of software applications such as game engines, browser components, file systems, and simulation engines for virtual reality.

Earning Potential: Rust developers can make 80,000$ a year.


The programming industry is volatile and ever-changing, and the pace at which it evolves is tremendous. Hence it is important for programmers to constantly pick up new skills and better themselves.

These were the 15 best freelance programming languages in the world.

If you’re a newbie programmer looking to make it big in the freelance world. It would be wise for you to center your learning experience around them

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