Transcribing is a lucrative way to make money on the web if you lack formal training or education. As a transcriber, you have the privilege of choosing your work hours and working from home.

In a previous post, I highlighted some companies that provide legit transcription jobs for beginners. But in this post, I wish to provide some quick alternatives for the Rev website. (one of the best transcription jobs providers on the internet)

If you’ve been working with Rev for a while and have been dissatisfied then these alternatives might fit your needs better.

Here are 15 amazing transcription companies like Rev:

  1. Aberdeen Broadcast Services
  2. Rev
  3. Transcribe Me
  4. Caption Max
  5. Go Transcript
  6. Netflix
  7. Caption Media Group
  8. Communication service for the Deaf
  9. Crowd Surf
  10. 3 Play Media
  11. Quick Caption
  12. Daily Transcription
  13. Copytalk Business services
  14. Fiverr
  15. Go transcript

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

Aberdeen is one of the highest-paying transcription companies in the world, they apparently pay up to 75$ an hour for some of their real-time captioning jobs.

Since it provides you a premium level salary they also expect you to have a good level of experience and skill. For example, the website requires you to type at least 180 words per minute.

Other requirements, according to the job description include having the necessary software. They also require you to go through a mandatory captioning test before being inducted to sell services on their behalf.

3 Play Media

3 Play Media is one of the few transcription companies that actually give their workers employment privileges. This company offers full-time jobs to transcribers within which they offer paid vacations, 401k, and many other benefits.

Like most other entries on the list, you need to be a native English speaker with a good typing speed to apply for this position.


Transcribe Me is a leading job provider within the transcription niche. It receives multiple captioning-related job postings every day.

The pay scale for many of its users starts at 22$ an hour however it can go pretty high if you have previous work experience in the industry.

Joining this website is extremely easy if you have a good typing speed with excellent accuracy to get selected.

Caption Max

Caption Max is a company that often pops up on closed captioning job lists, and from the looks of it, they do hire from home, but they have in-house positions as well.

According to the site’s job postings, captioners are paid $2.50 to $3.50 per minute for rendering their services through the platform.

Applicants must have previous captioning experience, a decent command of the English language, a computer with the appropriate software, and a high-speed internet connection.


GoTarnscript is an ever-expanding team of video captioners that you can join and hope to earn a significant amount of money. The site pays its freelancers 0.72$ per minute so you can expect to make 100-200$ per week from this site.

Though the pay is decent compared to many other companies the volume of project supply is not sufficient to replace a day job.


Netflix is the most popular digital streaming platform in the world. With millions of people tuning in every day to watch shows. Naturally, they will require a large number of captioners to help them caption shows.

Working with Netflix is fun because you pretty much get paid to watch movies and web series. They also pay 0.75$ to 1$ per minute captioning.

Caption Media Group

Caption Media requires you to have a good amount of experience and decent technical skills. You can find relevant job positions on their official website.

The company focuses on all kinds of captioning jobs, including but not limited to films, corporate materials, legislation, etc.

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)

The Communication Service for the Deaf was designed to help provide communication and access points for deaf people.

Most of the jobs posted on the CSD’s website are in-house, but I did read that they offer virtual positions on occasion.

The captioning assistant, if it’s available, is responsible for listening to the speaker on the phone and repeating what they are saying into voice recognition software.


Crowdsurf is pretty much a marketplace that helps you find a variety of work, including captioning jobs, you get to work as much as you want.

To start selling your services you must first pass a screening test which if approved you can log in and choose the task that you please. This is one of the few website where the actual experience of a user isn’t a barrier of entry.

Quick Caption

It may not be a giant in the transcription and closed captioning industry, but it is known for providing legit projects to its freelance members.

This small business works on a medium scale but with the right clients that pay on time. So, you won’t face any problem regarding the payment.

However, it will not be wise to choose to take it as a full-time job. You may not find open positions each time as it hires closed caption experts on an as-needed basis.

So, you need to keep an eye on its career segment to get the job offer. Many of its freelance projects also require you to travel. So, it will be better for you to disclose if you have any issues regarding work-related travels.

Daily Transcription

Even though the company has “transcription” in its name, I often see this company hiring subtitlers and captioners on multiple job platforms

This position does require experience and you must have access as well as knowledge to your own subtitle/captioning software.  You will also be asked to sign an NDA before starting.

If you feel you have the experience, the company does encourage you to apply, but if doing so, be prepared to submit samples of your work to prove your experience.

Copytalk Business Services

companies like rev

This is one of the few closed captioning companies that provide training for their freelancers. Once you’re selected you need to provide around 16 to 40 hours per week.

Copy talk Business currently offers $8.25 per hour on average for freelance closed caption experts.


Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance platforms in the world. They connect millions of freelancers with job prospects from across the world. Hence Fiverr is a wonderful platform for anyone who’s looking for a freelance caption job.

Simply create an account on Fiverr, post a captioning gig and start receiving orders for your services.

There are hundreds of freelance captioners out there who receive consistent work from Fiverr. Some of them earn in the excess of 50$ an hour.

Also, in case you think Fiverr has too much crowd for freelancing check out our list of low competition freelance sites to start working on.

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