Do you want to get paid in bitcoin for doing freelance work?

In 2022 we are seeing a growing trend of freelancers who prefer to be paid in bitcoin.

If you’re one of these freelancers, you’re in for a treat because this list has a bunch of freelance websites that pay people in bitcoin.

Most of them receive lesser traffic compared to conventional freelance websites but with enough dedication, you can make a decent amount of crypto from them.

These are 11 freelance websites that pay in bitcoin.

11 Freelance Websites that Pay in Bitcoin:

  1. Cryptojobslist
  2. XBT freelancer
  3. Freelanceforcoins
  4. /r/Jobs4Bitcoins
  8. Crypto.Jobs
  9. Coinality


11 Amazing Freelance Websites that Pay in Bitcoin [2022]

Cryptojobslist is one of the biggest job boards for people looking to be paid in cryptocurrency. They have a wide list of job categories you can work in.

You can find jobs from various locations and start making money.

Simply navigate to the website, create a profile, advertise your services and wait for suitable clients to come to you.

Cryptojobslist is quite similar to Fiverr since it employs a match freelancer to employer business model. It also has the escrow feature that lets employers hold payment until the work is fully completed.

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XBT freelancer

XBT freelancer is one of the first-ever crypto-based freelance platforms on the web. Similar to Cryptogrind XBT also provides the escrow service (which secures payment until the service is completed).

You can set milestones before your order progresses, this feature helps you get paid for every milestone that you complete rather than getting paid after the order is complete.

Many popular companies are said to use XBT for their SEO services. Some of these companies include Coinbase, Swagbucks, Shapeshift, etc.


11 Amazing Freelance Websites that Pay in Bitcoin [2022]

Freelanceforcoins is another freelance platform that pays in bitcoin. You can sell your services by creating gigs similar to Fiverr.

One of the main advantages of Freelanceforcoins is that your identity on the platform remains completely anonymous. Freelanceforcoins also provides the option to earn in both bitcoin and altcoin.

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11 Amazing Freelance Websites that Pay in Bitcoin [2022]

Jobs4bitcoin is different than all the other entries on this list because it is not a freelance platform, rather it’s a subreddit that shares job opportunities among its group members.

The group is completely free to join and brings in an enormous amount of freelance opportunities, most of which pay you in Bitcoin.


Bitgigs is yet another popular bitcoin freelance job board that offers a wide range of job categories to choose from.

This is one of the high-end freelance websites within this list as it receives hundreds of orders on a daily basis.

This is one of the best crypto job boards for freelance programmers and graphic designers.

Earn focuses on micro-tasks, rather than freelance work. Once you signup for the site and become a member, you will be paid for simple tasks.

You any other short task site, you make money by replying to emails or other menial tasks. It is even possible to earn money watching crypto videos.


Bitfortip is neither a freelance platform that connects job seekers with employers nor is a group that shares freelance opportunities with its members.

It instead is a platform where people can provide answers to people’s queries and get compensated in bitcoin.

It isn’t a freelance website and you are not promised to be paid for providing information. Because on Bittip you’re tipped instead of being paid to render a service.

But many people who use Bitfortip claim they made a little amount of money providing guidance to people on the platform.

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CryptoJobs is another freelance platform that pays you in crypto. This platform is a job board rather than a freelance site. The platform allows users to post jobs and get the right employees.

This website is especially good for freelance writers and programmers. As the majority of jobs posted are related to these fields.


Freelance Websites that Pay in Bitcoin

If you’re a programmer, web designer, or content writer you can regularly earn crypto from Coinality. Coinality lets you earn bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

The platform is essentially free and it facilitates conversation between freelance job seekers and employers. Jobs range from part-time, full-time, or contract basis.

Coinbase is a popular app that lets you trade in bitcoin.

The platform was started to convince more people to use bitcoin. Hence it incentivizes its users to learn about bitcoin by paying them bitcoin in return.

You can make money watching bitcoin videos and tutorials.

Coinbucks is like Swagbucks, with the difference being you get paid in crypto. You can answer surveys, watch videos, and download apps to earn crypto on coins bucks.

Coinbucks is one of the few sites that actually pay you on the same day as you complete a task. It is one of the easiest ways to earn money on the side.

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