Keyword clustering is a technique that content marketers use in order to identify and segregate keywords of similar intent. This helps avoid keyword cannibalization and draft a coherent content strategy for your site.

But clustering keywords manually isn’t a very easy thing to do. Such a process would require hours of strenuous work and research. That’s why a number of keyword tools have been created to achieve this function quickly.

In this list, we have gone through a list of 5 amazing keyword clustering tools. Use them to increase your website’s SEO stats and gain momentum in search.

5 Amazing Keyword Clustering tools:

  • Keyword Cupid
  • Keyword Insights AI
  • SERP Stat
  • SEO scout
  • Surfer SEO

Keyword Cupid

5 Amazing Keyword Clustering tools to Boost Your Rankings [2022]

Keyword Cupid has my vote for being the best Keyword clustering tool in the market today. One of the main advantages of using KC is that it uses machine learning algorithms based on Google’s own sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This makes the tool extremely reliable to work with.

In the era of machine-generated content, it is more important than ever to focus on topical authority and create a highly relevant thematic cluster that matches the user intent of your target audience.

Keyword Cupid does this job perfectly.

When you put a keyword into Keyword Cupid you get a detailed report of all the keyword variations you’d rank for a while you’re targeting the original keyword.

Keyword clustering is considered one of the most difficult parts of keyword research, but this tool makes it so much easier.

Cupid also helps you structure your content in a bid to avoid keyword cannalibation


  • Starter – $9.99/ Monthly
  • Freelancer – $49.99/ Monthly
  • Agency – $149.99/ Monthly
  • Enterprise – $499.99/ Monthly

You can claim their 7-day free trial for only 1$.

Keyword Insights AI

5 Amazing Keyword Clustering tools to Boost Your Rankings [2022]

Keyword Insights is yet another great clustering tool. It is one of the few clustering tools that provide a keyword tracking feature, within which you can track your URL in the Google top 100.

So if you decide to purchase a keyword insights subscription you can say bye-bye to your keyword tracker subscriptions.

You can use also discover hundreds of relevant keywords for your seed keyword with the “Keyword discovery” module.

The output will tell you which keywords you can target a single page with, or which need to be broken into multiple pages.

Overall the Keyword Insights AI is a solid tool for discovering new keyword ideas and planning out your site’s architecture.


  • Basic Plan – $ 9.99/ month
  • Starter Plan – $29.99/ month
  • Professional Plan – $49.99/ month
  • Enterprise Plan – $99.99/ month

You can get 400 trail credits without credit to test out the keyword insights tool

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SEO Scout

5 Amazing Keyword Clustering tools to Boost Your Rankings [2022]

The “SEOScout tool” is comprehensive site analytics, keyword optimization & testing tool. The tool is used to optimize your website for search engines and to test the impact of changes. It’s also used by businesses to monitor their competition and track their performance against them.

SEO Scout provides detailed reports on keywords, rankings, links, traffic, and many more. Its reporting interface enables you to quickly find what you need and then export the data into Excel or other formats for further analysis. Not only does this make it easy for marketers and SEO professionals to keep track of what’s happening on their websites but also helps them better understand how Google ranks pages in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


  • Starter – 49$/ month
  • Business – 99$/ month
  • Agency – 199$/ month

SEO Scout also provides you with a 7-day free trial before signing up for a paid plan.

Surfer SEO

5 Amazing Keyword Clustering tools to Boost Your Rankings [2022]

Surfer SEO was originally created as a content optimizer tool. However, the creators of the tool have never been shy to introduce new features and functionality.

One of these features is the keyword clustering feature.

Surfer’s keyword clustering tool works relatively similar to many other tools on this list.

They provide basic data on the keyword that’s passed in.

Whenever you pop a keyword inside the tool it provides you with a list of keyword clusters you can go after.


Surfer SEO currently does not feature a service trail option, but they do have a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Keyword Clustering tools

SERPstat is a leading SEO tool. It analyzes the search intent and structure of the top 30 search listings and creates sound keyword groups. You can expect to receive all the basic features you’d expect from a keyword clustering tool.


  • Lite – 69$/ month
  • Standard – 149$/ month
  • Advance – 299$/ month
  • Enterprise – 499$/ month

What is keyword cannibalization in SEO?

Keyword cannibalization is the phenomenon of having multiple pages on a website targeting the same keywords. This could occur because of duplicate pages or because two or more pages cover similar topics or target the same keyphrases.

It is important to deal with keyword cannibalization because pages that target similar keywords often end up eating away each other’s rankings.

How do I fix keyword cannibalization?

The way you fix keyword cannibalization issues depends on the specific issues that you’re dealing with. But to give a basic overview; in case you have duplicate content, it is advised to add the rel=canonical attribute which helps you prioritize a specific page over the other.

If two articles on your site attract the same audience you would be better off combining them. You can also use 301 redirects to achieve the same results.

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