Finding a reliable keyword research tool isn’t easy. Especially when you’re not capable of paying 100+ dollars every month.

But every once in a while a new keyword tool appears that promises its users powerful keyword research facilities at a low price. Having been a blogger for a while I have used several of these keyword tools and been disappointed. But recently I came across something that really caught my attention, this was a tool that promised some amazing keyword research features for a very affordable price.

It makes a really good case for it being of the best budget keyword research tool in the market

In this brief summary, I’ll teach you the exact method I used to crack to the top 10 of Google using Low fruits. Let’s check out if Low fruits io is indeed the best budget keyword research tool in the market:

Within this Lowfruits io review

Low Fruits io Overview:

LowFruits io Review

Low fruits is a keyword research tool that helps you find untapped keyword opportunities within your industry. The tool has not been around for very long, having been launched in 2017. Since then it has made a name for itself in the SEO world.

How to use Low fruits io:

Using Low fruits is fairly easy.

KW finder is the main feature you should be aware of, this tool helps you find low competition keywords related to your niche.

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]

Once you signup for Low fruits simply navigate to KW finder and start brainstorming some keywords.

After you have a few in mind put them within the seed keyword bar.

For example, I’ll use the seed keyword “Best WordPress *”

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]

The asterisk here symbolizes the wildcard operator, this operator is used to find keywords ideas of a certain organizational structure.

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]

To explain it practically, the keywords now generated will consist of Best WordPress + *, replacing the * with a variety of different keywords.

An example of the results being generated are “Best WordPress themes”, “Best WordPress plugins”

Now that we know what a wild card is, let’s carry on with our research journey!

Once you’ve typed in this seed keyword simply click on the search button.

The keyword will now find all the relevant keywords that start with “best WordPress”

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]
The tool found over 255 keyword ideas for “best WordPress *

You can click on the “access” button to view the full list

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]

As you can see you now have a list full of potential keywords that you can target in your posts, the job is not over yet though.

Now you have to import all the keyword ideas into the SERP analyzer to perform a SERP analysis.

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]

The SERP analyzer is the tool that will really help you analyze the different search metrics like

Per keyword, you analyze you’ll need to spend an individual credit for.

The credits are available from 25$ per month but when you signup using this link. You Get 10 FREE credits

Once the SERP analysis is complete you’ll be greeted again with a list of the selected keywords.

Within this list, you can see important metrics like the search volume and da of the keyword. You can also see weird fruit shared icon on the right-hand side.

The weird fruits-shaped icons represent the “Weak spots” within the SERPs, these are low authority or Forum based sites ranking top 10 for the target keywords.

The more weak spots a keyword has the easier it is for you to rank for them.

Low Fruits vs Semrush

Now let’s see how well Low fruits would hold out against a tool like Semrush.

If we talk purely about keyword research Low fruits does seem to hold up it’s own pretty well. In fact, the cheap tool even provides better keyword research features than Semrush.

The KW finder when compared directly with Semrush’s keyword magic tool manages to provide you with a much higher and more relevant number of keyword opportunities.

Though the Semrush keyword magic tool is amazing, it lacks severely when it comes to showing unique keyword opportunities.

When compared head to head with Semrush though Low fruits do seem to lack some significant features.

First off, it doesn’t have the complex competitor analysis features that Semrush provides. Low fruits do have their own competitor analysis, but it is primitive when compared with Semrush.

You also can’t audit your site, analyze backlinks, or do local SEO with Low fruits. Since it lacks so many features that are essential for running a marketing agency. I wouldn’t recommend using it for freelance SEOs that are helping build traction for diversified websites.

Who is it perfect for?

Low fruits is perfect for someone who’s new to SEO and only want’s to do some basic keyword research. The tool works really well for beginner bloggers who have low authority sites.

It is an easy-to-use and cheap solution for finding keyword ideas. This tool would work well for you if you’re running a monolithic blog with only the goal of targeting low-competition keywords.

If you are running something like a digital marketing agency wherein you’re analyzing different SERP competitors and tracking social media posts or Local SEO, skip this tool completely. Instead, spend those extra bucks and get a Semrush subscription.

My Honest opinion about Low fruits:

In my own humble opinion, I consider low fruits to be one of the most practical keyword research tools in the market.

The search operators and weak spot metrics are absolutely genii, to say the least.

Low fruits don’t market itself as a “one for all” SEO solution, in fact, it acknowledges the fact that Low fruits is useless to accomplish many important SEO tasks.

Low fruits is fairly easy to use, unlike advanced keyword research tools like Aherfs or Semrush, Low fruits users don’t need to go through a steep learning curve or have deep knowledge of advanced SEO topics.

With about an hour’s practice, even a novice SEO can use Low fruits to its fullest potential.

Low Fruits io

Budget keyword research tool that helps find untapped keyword opportunities within your niche.

Phil Joseph

LowFruits io Review: Best budget keyword research tool? [2022]
Low fruits is indeed an amazing tool that helps you find keyword opportunities you can rank with using a low Da website.


Low fruits is indeed an amazing tool that helps you find keyword opportunities you can rank with using a low Da website.


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