Whether you want to make some extra money every month or get a job promotion; learning these skills will help you do so.

It is the year 2022 and learning new skills is easier than ever. Due to the recent rise of the internet, it is now possible to learn things from the comfort of your home; without spending enormous amounts of money or having to travel.

The best thing about these skills is that you don’t need any pre-requisites to learn them. A simple introduction tutorial is enough to get you started on your learning journey.

Today I’ll be listing a couple of skills that you can learn with little effort but still earn a relatively good amount of money from.

You don’t require any pre-requisites to get started, whether you are a teenager, employee, or businessman learning these skills can help you advance your knowledge and grow in new ways.

These are 15 of the most profitable skills to learn in 2022:

Most profitable skills to learn in 2022

  1. Programming
  2. SEO optimization
  3. Investing
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Proofreading
  6. Fashion Design
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Social media marketing
  9. Public speaking
  10. Content writing
  11. Copy Writing
  12. Video editing
  13. Graphic design
  14. Ux design
  15. Translation


most profitable skills to learn in 2022

Estimated hourly earning: 15-500$

Learning how to program isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what makes this skill an extremely high-paying gig. There are numerous statistics to prove that coding is by far the best skill to learn in 2022.

Learning how to code can help you get a job promotion (depending on the type of job you have), as a coder, you’ll never suffer a shortage of freelance work and you can work on individual projects to further your financial gain.

What’s even crazier is that most software development-related jobs don’t require you to have a higher level of education. You can land a job as a coder without a college degree.

You will need to have good knowledge and project experience in the specific programming field you need a job in. But not going to college will not hamper you.

There are multiple online resources from where you can learn how to code, some of them include MDN, FreeCodecamp, Algoexpert, etc.

As a coder, you always keep learning new things as you are introduced to newer forms of technology. You can work on websites, software, machines, games, and a ton of other cool things.

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SEO optimization

cool features unique to Rank Math

Estimated hourly earning: 15-30$

SEO optimization is the process of optimizing your website’s content for ranking on the top results of search engines.

It is easily one of the most profitable skills that you can learn to do today.

Being a proficient SEO can help you land a digital marketing job, or you can also start your own online business and make a tremendous amount of money.

The basics of SEO are extremely easy to learn. But while learning SEO it might be a good idea to start a blog on the side, so that you can practice everything you learn in real-time.

I’ll soon be publishing an article about how much you can earn as an SEO expert. Keep in track with it by subscribing to the RSS feed.


Estimated hourly earning: Varies

Learning how to invest your money can help you build wealth in the long run. Financial experts agree that it isn’t enough to stockpile your money into a low-yield savings account (because of growing inflation).

Instead, you should venture into the share market and start investing your money for higher returns.

Buying and selling stocks effectively requires a good understanding of the stock market. So it’s important to learn the basics of analyzing stock data before you start your investing journey.

Cyber Security

15 most profitable skills to learn in 2022

Estimated hourly earning: 15-30$

It’s hard to emphasize the importance of online security since almost all important things are conducted online now.

Everything from a simple Google search to a massive money transfer is conducted through the web. So it is important to secure your website or application from cyber threats.

A Cyber security specialist monitors and protects systems from potential risks, threats, and vulnerabilities

Since big corporations often store sensitive data online, hence there is a growing demand for cyber security experts.

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proofreading jobs from home no experience

Estimated hourly earning: 10-25$

Proofreading is one of the most essential skills to learn for anyone working in the content publishing business.

Having a lot of grammatical and syntactical errors in your content is unprofessional, but not many people are capable of creating content with good grammar.

Hence agencies and individual content creators often hire proofreaders to check their content for errors.

If you’re looking for a proofreading gig you can check out this article about the 20 best proofreading jobs for beginners.

Also, check out this free training by Caitlin who makes more than 55,000$ per year proofreading! In this workshop, she will teach you how to effectively proofread client work samples and how to negotiate to earn higher as a proofreader.

Fashion design

Estimated hourly earning: 10-25$

The fashion industry is worth over a trillion dollars as of 2022. And with the growing trends in fashion, there’s never telling who will be the breakout star of 2022.

As a fashion designer, your job is to create a new design for apparel or accessory products. If you like to do tailoring and have a keen eye for design you can be a fashion designer.

Email Marketing

15 most profitable skills to learn in 2022

Estimated hourly earning: 10-25$

Email marketing is regarded to be one of the most effective forms of marketing to date. On average e-mail marketing brings about 11* the return of investment.

Hence most businesses would be happy to employ an e-mail marketing expert. To bring their business additional revenue through an underrated source of marketing.

As an e-mail marketing expert, you need to be acquainted with various e-mail software. Some of them include Mailchimp, Convertkit, Mailerlite, etc.

You also need to have experience setting up autoresponders, mail sequences, and campaigns.

Having experience integrating software through Zapier is also a plus.

Social media marketing

15 most profitable skills to learn in 2022

Estimated hourly earning: 10-25$

Marketing via social media platforms is extremely popular as it allows a business to gain customers without spending a tremendous amount of money.

We know today how powerful social media can be. Instagram alone serves more than 1.2 billion users every month which brings millions of dollars in revenue.

As a social media marketer businesses employ you to crack through the algorithm of a specific social media platform. This is done in order to achieve the highest amount of exposure to the business.

WordPress design

Estimated hourly earning: 10-55$

WordPress is a CMS platform that is used to build websites, it is extremely popular and almost 1/3 of all websites on the web are built by it.

WordPress powers more than 33% of all websites on the internet.

It is also an easy and convenient software that helps build beautiful, responsive website designs.

Naturally learning how to use WordPress is extremely profitable as it gives you the skill of website design

Once you learn how to use WordPress you can easily sell your services through Fiverr.

Public Speaking

most profitable skills to learn in 2022

Estimated hourly earning: 20-55$

Public speaking is about conveying your emotions and intentions effectively to a large audience. And in spite of being considered a soft skill, great public speaking skills equate to higher levels of success in the corporate world.

If you’re capable of making effective conversation to a large audience you can be an orator, politician, host, comedian, and a whole lot of other things.

Also contrary to popular belief, public speaking isn’t something you’re born with it instead is a skill that can be learned with enough practice.

Content writing

15 most profitable skills to learn in 2022

Estimated hourly earning: 20-55$

You can make anywhere from 50-500$ for a 1,000-word article. As a content writer, your job is to write content about a topic. A content writer needs to have the willingness to do research.

Content writers also need excellent grammar and spelling skills along with proper knowledge of whatever language they choose to write with.

Copy writing

Estimated hourly earning: 20-55$

Copywriting is a subset of content writing but unlike content writing, copywriting is used to persuade people into taking action.

Copywriters are mainly hired to persuade people into taking a decision. Hence the bulk of them is used to draft online advertisement campaigns.

Since copywriting requires quite a bit more skill than content writing you can earn more as a copywriter as compared to a content writer.

Copywriters are mainly hired for their ability to persuade people in making a purchase decision. As a copywriter, you need both great grammar and a good understanding of the human psyche.

Video Editing

Estimated hourly earning: 20-55$

Every day we consume thousands of hours of video content through Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. And video editors are the ones we should thank for this.

The job of a video editor is relatively straightforward, as a video editor, you must edit videos in a way best suited to entertain the viewer.

Working as a video editor involves cutting out unnecessary elements, trimming the video time

As a video editor, you’ll need to be acquainted with a good amount of video editing software. These include Premiere Pro, After effects, Final Cut, etc.

As a video editor it’s possible to work as full time employee or as a freelancer.

Graphic Design

If you know how to use the illustrator tool, know how to sketch, and have a creative mind. You can earn money by designing graphics for people.

People often approach graphic designers to help bring their ideas to life, these ideas within a business setting help

These ideas could be anything ranging from

You can find jobs as a graphic designer on various freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

UX Design

UX design is one of the breakout skills of early 2021.

As a UX designer, your main job is to create and design products that are navigation friendly. Some of the products you will work with include apps, websites, and other user interfaces.

The purpose of UX design is to encourage certain kinds of behavior within people using products. Within the scope of a website, this purpose could be to get more people to click a particular button or sign up for the newsletter.

Since good UX design compels people to perform certain kinds of actions, UX design is more than just ordinary design work, it is also a study of the human psyche.


If you are multilingual, you can make a good amount of money working as a translator. Knowing more than one language fluently helps you facilitate conversation between people.

A multilingual person can be a tour guide, a content writer, a real-time translator and can earn a significant amount of money on an hourly basis.

Some of the languages most in-demand are:

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Mandarin


Learning is key a part of our lives. Some of the most successful people in history have been pioneers of life-long learning. It is important that we take examples from them and keep furthering our knowledge.

Hope the list I just presented was helpful in any way. Are there any profitable skills that you’d want to be included in this list? If so, let me know down in the comment section.

If you want to learn some new ways to make money online, check out the articles down below.

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