This is a list of 12 legit sites that pay you to be an online girlfriend. Read through the article and share your opinions in the comment section.

Are you a pretty girl who wants to make some quick cash in your free time? You might be looking to pay your college tuition or maybe pay back some debt.

What if I told you that there was a job that could earn you an insane amount of money in your free time?

The best part?

You don’t need to invest a lot of money or time, don’t need to go to the office or have a college degree to do this job.

The job is called being an “Online girlfriend”

What does an online girlfriend do?

12 Amazing Sites that pay you to be an online girlfriend

The job of an online girlfriend is fairly straightforward. As an online girlfriend, a girl is expected to have conversations with men and treat them like a girlfriend would.

This involves exchanging flirty messages, sexting, and maybe even having a casual conversation.

Unlike real-life relationships though an online girlfriend isn’t obligated to perform sexual activities with their clients. In fact, the very concept of having an online girlfriend revolves around never seeing the woman in real life.

No matter how shady online relationships sound; the experience of being an online girlfriend is relatively innocent. All you do is engage in live video calls or chats without any sexual underpinnings.

Why do people pay for online girlfriends?

12 Amazing Sites that pay you to be an online girlfriend

People (mostly men) would be ready to pay online girlfriends for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons for this could be loneliness.

Due to the outbreak of the covid pandemic many people have been forced to stay in their homes. Many of these people often end up lonely without getting any romantic or intimate attention.

To purge themselves of this loneliness some men are ready to pay online models large sums of money.

Having regular conversations with these women helps such men to experience intimate relationships without actually being in one.

How much can you make as an online girlfriend?

pay you to be an online girlfriend

There’s no limit to the amount of money you can make as an online girlfriend. Some women actively engaged in the webcam industry make upwards of 10,000 USD a month.

And that number is not a stretch by any means.

Just ask Sarah, a woman who makes about 50$ per hour for an online girlfriend session.

You can also diversify your income streams by participating in live streams and super chat programs.

12 Legit Sites that pay you to be an online girlfriend

  • Find my sugar baby
  • RentALocalFreind
  • ChatRecruit
  • Flirt Bucks
  • Dopoxy
  • Invisible Girlfriend
  • My Girl Fund
  • Text121
  • Dream Lover
  • Minted Models
  • Flingster
  • Money Pantry

#1 FindMySugarBaby

This is a sugar daddy website wherein old men come to have casual online relationships. Many women use these sites to get sugar daddies to pay their bills. Apart from casual relationships, you can also sell stuff on this site like used underwear, nudes, and cam videos.

#2 RentALocalFriend

Imagine you’re a guy who’s recently moved to a new city. Wouldn’t you like to have a friend to show you around and maybe give you a “good time”? Rent A Local friend is a site that helps you do that. You can also find a virtual girlfriend here for a few dozen bucks.

#3 Chat Recruit

On chat recruit, you can make money by engaging in video calls and texting. The company apparently pays around 50$ an hour.

#4 Flirtbucks

Another site that helps you make money with flirting is Flirt Bucks. Here you can make a bunch of money exchanging sexy messages with men.

#5 Dopoxy

If you’re a native English speaker (which you are assuming that you’re reading this article) you can use Dopoxy to make money. One of the key points that differentiate Dopoxy from other websites is the fact that you can remain completely anonymous using it.

#6 Invisible Girlfriend

If you to earn money without any strings attached it’s best that you try out an invisible girlfriend. This is a popular site where men pay you for your services as an online girlfriend.

#7 MyGirlFund

My Girl fund is a site where girls come in to raise funds to meet a certain goal. These funds are provided in return for a service provided by the women. This is a perfect site for you to start off by providing your services as an online girlfriend.

#8 Text121

This app is mainly used to recruit customer service agents. You can use your phone to make calls and exchange texts with people. In the case of being an online girlfriend, this app is perfect as it provides all the right opportunities.

#9 Dream-Lover

On Dream lover, you can chat and make deals with people. You can only join the platform if you’re 18 or above.

#10 MintedModels

This is a UK-based modeling agency that hires women from around the world. Women looking for modeling gigs often come here. Apart from this, you can also find numerous work as a virtual girlfriend.

#11 Flingster

Find your next fling is the motto of the very popular website “Flingster”. Here you can signup and instantly start chatting with people from various countries and backgrounds.

#12 Money pantry

Is it legal to be an online girlfriend?

Despite the shady outlook people have towards webcams and super chat businesses; being an online girlfriend is and always will be a legal profession to follow.


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Are there any more wonderful websites where you can make money as an online girlfriend?

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