Do you have a skill for writing fictional stories?

If you do then you could use this skill to make decent money in your free time.

There are multiple sites and publications that pay people like you and me to write stories for them.

You don’t need a linguistics degree or any other qualifications to get started.

In this post, we’ll discuss 15 websites that pay you to write short stories.

Let’s get into it:

Websites that pay you to write short stories:

The Sun

Sun is a world-famous magazine company that regularly publishes short stories and articles on different world issues. They have a base of over 70,000 active monthly readers.

They pay about 300 to 200$ for short stories while paying 100 to 250$ for a piece of poetry.


Analog is a leading science fiction magazine that accepts science fiction stories.

On Analog you can get paid about 8-10 cents per word for short fiction 6 cents per word for serials (40,000-80,000 words), 9 cents per word for fact articles, and $1 per line for poetry.

Poets & Writers

Readers Digest

One Story

One Story is a non-profit literary magazine. They have a narrow submission period from 15th January to 31st May and from 3rd September to 14th November.

The optimum word length they recommend is between 3,000 to 8,000 words.

They pay up to 500$ for a single submission.


Agni is a literary magazine that publishes essays and poetry. They accept manuscripts for posts between September 1st and May 31st. Agni is interested primarily in personal essays, memoirs, think pieces, short stories, and poems.

They pay about 10$ per page for a short story and about 20$ per page for a poem.

Daily Science Fiction

Daily science fiction is a publication that shares science fiction stories with its audience. The platform looks for informative and factually accurate science fiction stories.

You can submit stories within a word count range of 100 to 1500 words. They pay about 8 cents a word for an accepted article.


Penpee is a site that helps you publish your stories and earn money based on the views they get.

Flash Fiction

If you avidly write short stories the best place to submit your work is surely flash fiction.

The Three Penny Review

Three Penny review is a site that accepts submissions related to literature, art, and society.

Askimov’s Science Fiction

Another popular science fiction magazine is Askimov’s science fiction. If you wish to get your story accepted be sure to write at least 1,000 words.

They pay about 8-10 per word for a 7,500-word story and about $1 per line for poetry.


Bella is a lifestyle magazine with thousands of monthly readers, they pay up to 1,000$ for a 2,000-word article.

Vestal Review

Vestal Review is the world’s oldest flash fiction magazine. They boast a large readership and a start-studded contribution team.

They pay about 50$ per publication.


Carve is a magazine that accepts short stories, poetry, and fiction throughout the year. They look for writing with emotional depth.

They have a word limit of 10,000 stories and about 2,000 for poetry.

Carve pays about 100$ for every published article and about 25$ for every published poem.

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