These are the 7 best website builders for affiliate marketing

If you are new to the concept of affiliate marketing, you might be enticed to start marketing campaigns without setting up a business website.

However, this isn’t the right way to get started.

An integral part of building an affiliate marketing business is setting up a business website, and there are many reasons why it is important.

Some benefits to setting up a business website when starting with affiliate marketing include:

  • Helps you garner traffic without paid marketing
  • Most successful affiliate products don’t allow PPC marketing
  • More viable in the long-term as most content has a long shelf life
  • Helps establish you as a thought-leader in your industry
  • Gives you the creativity to produce your own content for your affiliate business

What to look for in a website builder?

When you’re setting up a website the first step is to choose a website builder to work with. Choosing the right website builder is important as it is the foundation of any affiliate marketing business and dictates how your site will function.

Keeping that in mind here are some things you should look for in a website builder:

  • Functionality: Does the site builder have all the features that affiliate marketers need to be successful?
  • Scalability: Once your business starts to take off and your revenue increases, does the website have the ability to scale to keep up with the increased demand?
  • Reporting: Does the website have built-in reporting and analytics tools to clearly show the success of your affiliate marketing business?
  • SEO tools: Does the website builder have SEO tools that you can use to rank your content higher on search engines?
  • Hosting: Will you have to purchase hosting separately or does the website builder host your website as part of the package of using their platform?
  • Price: Does the price of the website builder justify itself? Will you be able to see an ROI in the near future?

Considering all of these aspects to look for in a website builder, we’ve narrowed down the top 7 website builders for affiliate marketers in 2022. 

7 Best Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing:

  • WordPress
  • Squarspace
  • Wix
  • Shopify
  • Editor X
  • Webflow
  • Drupal

#1 WordPress

Website Builders For Affiliate marketing

It would come as no surprise to know that WordPress is the first choice for building an affiliate marketing business. Many industry leaders recommend beginner marketers to build out their website on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is used by the vast majority of all websites on the World Wide Web today, and for good reason. It is extremely diverse in functionality and is very easy for a beginner to get started with.

You don’t need to be a professional computer engineer in order to build a stunning WordPress website.

That’s not all, WordPress being an open-source platform has seen tremendous developments happen over the years. Many developers actively participate in making WordPress better as the years pass.

Since WordPress has been primarily used as a blogging platform it has seen some amazing features being added to its ever-growing number of features.

The plugins that WordPress also has to offer put them in the top spot as well. Free plugins that you can get with WordPress include SEO tools, reporting & analytics, and almost anything you’d need as an affiliate marketer.

Overall WordPress is the best affiliate marketing platform in the world.


  • WordPress is absolutely free and doesn’t require any paid subscriptions
  • Largest community of independent developers, which gives rise to innovation
  • Compatible with every major SEO, analytics and lead generation product
  • Beginner-freindly learning curve
  • Google recommended blogging platform


  • Vulnerable to brute force attacks
  • Requires a web host and domain to install

#2 Squarespace

7 Best Website Builders For Affiliate marketing [2022]

Squarespace has positioned itself as a premium website builder for new entrepreneurs as well as seasoned veterans in the online space.

Squarespace isn’t known for being one of the best website builders for affiliate marketing, but the tools that they have to offer to make this the #2 choice for affiliate marketers in 2022.

Squarespace has a drag and drops editor that requires no coding, and the built-in blogging platform comes with SEO integrations and analytics that help beginners start to rank their content consistently on search engines.


  • Easy to use
  • Inutitive user experinece
  • Inbuilt tools for analytics and reporting


  • Lack of design flexibility
  • Lack of CMS features
  • Incompatible with many necessary blog products

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#3 Wix

7 Best Website Builders For Affiliate marketing [2022]

Wix is also known to be an easy website builder for beginners to get started with and create a blog. However, Wix is also one of the best website builders for affiliate marketing that’s available today.

Initially, Wix was criticized as being an ineffective tool for SEO but lately, it has overcome this failure and managed to cement its place as one of the most SEO compatible platforms on the web.

Wix is highly customizable and got its brand authority for being a website builder with incredible design flexibility and drag-and-drop features.

The reason that Wix is such a great option for affiliate marketers today is that they have a myriad of SEO and marketing tools that can be used to increase traffic to the website to generate affiliate sales.

They have over 700 responsive website templates and can offer their customers a step-by-step guide on improving SEO while also integrating all your social media channels for increased visibility.


  • Extremely easy to use, beginner freindly
  • Inbuilt SEO and analytics tool
  • Compaible with a wide array marketing tools


  • Monthly recurring bill payments
  • Lack of design flexibility

#4 Editor X

7 Best Website Builders For Affiliate marketing [2022]

Editor X is a relatively new website builder, this builder has a large emphasis on design flexibility. The tool’s primary function is to help you build eye-catching websites on the go.

This tool does have a few neat features that come in handy when building an SEO-based site, first, off it has a pattern recognizing Ai that recognizes patterns of SEO practice and automatically implements them onto the page. It also connects to Google allowing the content of the site to be indexed quickly.


  • Handy features for SEO and maketing
  • Compatible with a wide array of marketing tools and Google software
  • Moderatley easy tool to use


  • Not compatible with majority of SEO tools
  • Monthly recurring payments
  • Requires a web host and domain to install

#5 Webflow

7 Best Website Builders For Affiliate marketing [2022]

Webflow is a premium web design tool. Like editor X it puts a lot of emphasis on its design capabilities.

The primary objective of web flow is to help you with the most flexible websites without writing code a single line of code.

When it comes to content marketing and SEO Webflow has a few good cards up its sleeve.

First off, they provide you with an inbuilt CMS system that helps you organize and optimize your blog posts.

Secondly, they have a ton of amazing inbuilt SEO implementation tools that help you implement SEO without needing 3rd party tools.

Webflow based websites often score very well on Pingdom, lighthouse tests.


  • Large community of inpendent developers, which gives rise to innovation
  • Inbuilt tools for SEO, analtics and marketing


  • Steeper learning curve than any other CMS tool
  • Monthly recurring subscription
  • Requires a web host and domain to install

#6 Shopify

7 Best Website Builders For Affiliate marketing [2022]

Shopify is an amazing website creation platform used to build eCommerce stores.

You can build beautiful eCommerce stores with this tool.

Like many other tools on the list, Shopify has a section specially dedicated to blogs. You can use it to create and publish blog posts on the fly.

Along with this Shopify provides you integration with every Google tool like analytics, search console, etc, and also has an in-built CMS for implementing SEO and schema.


  • Inbuilt SEO, analytics, and marketing features
  • High-speed CDNs that make website lighting quick
  • Highly relevant for product SEO


  • The primary motive is eCommerce
  • Monthly recurring subscription

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