This is an article about the best WordPress magazine themes with ad space

If you want to earn more money with your ads. You need to find a way to get your ads in front of people more often.

There are certain plugins like Advanced ads or Ads inserter that might help you achieve this. But if you truly want to achieve higher you must be willing to invest in an Adsense compatible theme.

Also, the theme in question should provide you with new and innovative ways to display your ads to your visitors.

If you don’t have an idea of which theme to use, don’t worry.

I have brought a list of these themes for you today.

Let’s have a look at them and see why and how they increase your ad earnings.

These are the 7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]


Wordpress Magazine themes With Ad Space

The first theme on the list is Admania.

Admania is basically the poster child of intuitive ad spaces.

It was created primarily to increase ad click-through rates and earnings.

The theme achieves this by providing you with ad placement centers throughout the theme. You can use this theme to place ads within the post content, sidebars, header, footer, and virtually anywhere else.

Some of the features this theme provides include an amp for ads, compatibility for Adsense, flexible ad spaces, scroll pop ad boxes, and much more.

Many bloggers who used this theme, reported an increase in ad earnings by over 3 times.


7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]

If you ask me what the best WordPress magazine theme is, I’ll surely reply with the answer “Newspaper”

Newspaper is the unofficial king of WordPress magazine themes.

It has a powerful native page builder that is flexible to the highest degree along with a long list of customizability features.

When it comes to ads the theme provides you with some neat features to draw from. One of the best features is called ad spaces which allows you to place ads within any page, post, or element.

This theme is also extremely fast and 100% compatible with Google Adsense.


7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]

Bimber is perhaps one of the most innovative WordPress themes in the market today. They have many powerful features to help you monetize and earn more money with your website.

In their latest update, they released an “Ad-free” mode which helps people signup for an ad-free website experience in exchange for money. They also have introduced a feature called vignette ads that shows full-screen ads between user page loads. Thus bringing you better CPMs.

And that isn’t even the end of it, Bimber provides you with the option to place ads between comments and also provides intuitive ad spaces.

You can use this theme to earn more money with Adsense.


7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]

Jannah is a best-selling WordPress magazine theme from the Envato market. They provide you with numerous features to help you create a top-notch content marketing site from scratch.

For advertising, Jannah has “dedicated advertiser spaces” that help you display your affiliate banners and ads within certain pre-defined positions. You can configure these ad spaces to display your advertisements more frequently to people.

Jannah also has a number of clean and well-built website templates that you can use to create a responsive website without a single line of code.


7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]

Soledad is one of the highest-selling themes in the Envato market. There are known for providing some of the best-premade templates and blocks. Boasting over 220+ unique theme demos, Soledad easily takes the show when it comes to templates and elements.

When it comes to advertising, Soledad provides you with multiple ad spaces with support for ads within the post content. You can easily implement rules to make ads appear automatically within certain places and according to certain conditions.

Smart Mag

7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]

Smartmag is a fast and flexible WordPress theme that has been around for more than seven years. This theme gives you complete design control over every single element of your website.

You can use it to customize your site’s header, footer, posts, categories, and virtually anything else.

The theme is completely optimized for google AMP support which makes it lightning quick on mobile devices. This is one of the themes that provide full Elementor compatibility. Each element you design will be designed through the Elementor page builder.

J News

7 Best WordPress Magazine themes With Ad Space [2022]

The last theme on the list is J News. It is yet another best-selling WordPress theme from the Envato market. J News calls itself the self-proclaimed “Swiss Army Knife of Online Publishing” and rightfully so.

J news has all the essential features you’d need from an online blogging theme.

They have a live-style editor that helps you customize your site design in real-time. This editor is fast, easy, and reliable. J News also provides you with support for Google Adsense, they have over 30+ different locations for placing ads ad inline post ads feature.

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